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Lurbel Socks Gravity Royal Men´s clothing Authorized Site,Fast Delivery,multiple colors

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Lurbel Socks Gravity Royal Men´s clothing Authorized Site,Fast Delivery,multiple colors_checkout
Lurbel Men´s Clothing Socks , Lurbel Socks Gravity Royal Men´s clothing Authorized Site,Fast Delivery,multiple colors

Compression unisex Socks specially designed for high performance trail runners.

- The compression part of the Socks, with H5 height (12-18 over the shoe) is designed specifically for a perfect fit to the legs. A micro-channel mesh at the back of the Socks distributes the pressure on the Achilles heel and prevents problems due to pressure increase in one particular area.
- The structure of the Bmax fabric protects the feet against blisters and chafing.
- Its protective and ergonomic structure ESP reinforces these areas where the friction with the footwear is highest (structure of the sole of the foot, ESP, is developed in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Sports Podiatry, AEPODE).


- Pie: 50% Regenactiv ·
- 25% Cool-tech ·
- 17% Poliamida ion ·
- 8% Lycra Pierna: 70% Fir-tech ·
- 18% Lycra ·
- 12% Poliamida ion


- The compression effect of the H5 height (12-18 cm over the shoe) gives better fit and a specific efficacy.
- The benefits of fir-tech technology are concentrated where the foot needs it the most. And the articulation foot-ankle is released from compression to get an easy flexion.

- An ergonomic structure with a system of protection which consists of an additional reinforcement in the areas of the sock where impact and wear are higher: toe, heel and sole.
- The result: improvement of the properties of the Bmax technology in the areas with a greater rubbing due to the friction sock-footwear. Between 25% and 40% better cushioning at every step and enhancing durability of the sock.
- The foot, with a double protection, suffers no rubbings or blisters, even in spite of the toughest challenges.

Feel cool:
- Garments with feelcool thermal demand are specifically designed for sports that cause heavy sweating and/or high temperatures.
- Their smart ergonomics make them more breathable around parts of the body that produce more sweat, while no pressure areas and flat seams offer limitless comfort and a perfect fit.

- Fits the body surface.

- Adjustable in ankles and instep to ensure maximum adaptability.

- Recommended for extreme situations.

- Less impact to the body.

- Avoid creating annoying wrinkes.

- Prevents entry or creating microbes.

- Medium body compression.

- Specific reinforcement in the heel area.

- Allows use of the garment without discomfort.

- Lightweight garments.

- Increased resistance of the garment.

- Ready-made seamless.

- No retains moisture on the garment.


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